About The Owners

Gail A. Ireland

Gail started her career in the transportation industry in 1977, when she joined the team at Rochester Air Freight, then owned by her father, Alexander (Scotty) Ireland.  Upon his death, she moved to the position of office manager at an international air freight forwarder -- finally advancing to district sales representative.  In 1990, she and her sister decided to open Rochester Freight Systems, holding true to the business values they’d learned from their father.  For our family “the customer comes first” is a way of life.  Gail believes that it will be the quality issue that differentiates the company and pulls it ahead of the competition.  The quality process isn’t something you graduate from, it’s ongoing.  

Sandra Ireland

Sandra Ireland started her career in 1978, also working for Rochester Air Freight in a sales capacity.  When her father died, she joined the sales team of an international freight forwarder, but soon felt the need to broaden her knowledge of the industry.  Endeavoring to gain more experience in operations, she moved to a national trucking firm as office manager.  When she and Gail opened Rochester Freight Systems, her focus was on diversity. She has worked hard to make sure the company has flexibility, and always searching for new ventures.  No company remains static, you have to move forward with the ever-changing market and Sandra feels Rochester Freight has the experience and adaptability to fit our customer’s needs.